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founded by florian stravock in 2008, xadacka is one of the best known brands in the nightlife and entertainment industry across ireland, and a well respected team worldwide. we pioneered the concept of nightlife and entertainment photography back when people laughed at the concept – now, 13 years later, even the smallest and most rural of venues see the value of hiring a photographer to capture their events and we take full credit for starting that market in ireland.

we are xadacka, and you have come to the right place, whatever you’re looking for – you may have found or seen us before somewhere around the nightlife and entertainment industry, and while this is what we’re best known for, we do so much more.

we’d be delighted to shoot your wedding, your portfolio, your marketing campaign, your #foodporn, your architecture, your dog, your cat, your tiger (actually, that one we’d do for free! how’d you get a tiger!?), or whatever else you might want pictures of. and don’t worry, we’ve been open for business for 13 years with a team of over 60 years collective experience. that means only one thing: we’ve seen and done it all before, and we’d be delighted to do it all again.

have fun on our humble little website. it’s not too fancy, and we hope it’s not too complicated to get around, but we’re sure you can find what you’re looking for – and if you can’t… well, we’re just a phone call, an email, a tweet, or a cheeky 3am instagram like away!


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the origin story.

a word from our founder about how we became to be.

hello, friend! my name is florian, and i own xadacka photography.

let’s start way back in 2006, back when i got my very first “real” camera after a year or two of playing with fairly low end, cheap, point and shoot cameras. let me tell you, it was a beauty! 6 megapixels of aps-c glory with a phenomenal 18-55mm lens, the things we did together, the moments we shot! i’ll tell you this, it was a beautiful time to be alive. looking back and being honest with you, though, it was pretty awful by today’s standards – and, in fact, it was pretty bad by the standards of the day, too. it did, however, give me a taste of what could be done with a simple camera and a basic lens and all these years later, i haven’t stopped yet! i started the company officially in 2008 and within a few months i had enough work to quit my “real” job and pursue photography full time. it was a dream come true. it still is.

years later, i had more work than i could handle on my own and so i took on some friends to cover those extra jobs. i trained them in on how i like things to be done, and how my clients expect things to look, and over time, as we grew, it soon became more than just part time gig for them, too. now we’re a small team of 5 creatives with a big reach and big ambitions. we’ve worked in the biggest venues, for the biggest celebrities, at the biggest events, with the biggest brands – but we’re not all about being at that biggest thing to show how great we are, we live for the small gigs – like the babies and animals that their loving parents have gotten us to capture over the years, the products we’ve shot for start-up companies that are just getting off the ground, the bands that are yet to record their first single but needed a cover for their instagram, the models that want to pursue their career, and the dancers that need to show how talented they are – all of the real people that bring joy to the faces of every person they know and that are starting their journeys, no more than we were not so long ago. don’t be afraid to contact us about anything, we want to meet everyone and shoot everything, we’re always available to capture everything that’s put in front of us, and no one supports the little guy more than we do.

while we do shoot everything, and have shot everything, events really are our favourite things to be working at. nothing beats capturing those perfect moments at big events like concerts, clubs, weddings, balls, and launches. we probably spent more time at events every year than most people will in their entire lives, and we love every second of it! so hey, if you’ve got something coming up that you’d love captured, please do get in touch. you can find all the details you need over on our contact section. thanks for taking the time to read this little ramble about the company that i love and have spent my life building. hopefully soon you’ll love it just as much as i do. until then, you know how to get in touch x

owner, xadacka photography.


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there are many ways to get in touch with us. email us on [email protected]
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or if you’re feeling old fashioned and want to hear our awful galway accent for yourself, you can call us on +353 83 332 4409.

we look forward to hearing from you! <3